WDHN Storm Team: We’re heating up and drying out while Hurricane Isaias is ramping up


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Today was just a look at things that are yet to come! Let’s walk you through the weekend and next weekend before hopping over to what’s happening with Hurricane Isaias.

Saturday and Sunday will see temperatures stay in the mid-90s with some folks scooting into the upper 90s on Sunday. Rain chances will be almost nil both days, but an isolated shower is possible. The better chance is on Sunday with any pop-up shower or storm likely happening in the western half of the Wiregrass.

The start to next week won’t look much different than this weekend. We’ll keep the temperatures in the mid-90s but take the rain chances up just a touch as a few isolated showers and storms are possible.

Temperatures Wednesday-Friday will once again hang out in the mid-90s as scattered storms become a little more likely, but not much. We’ll give it a 30% chance each of the 3 days, but data is starting to suggest even that may be a little too optimistic. With the lack of rain over the past month, drought conditions will very likely increase across the area making things difficult on local farmers and even the average gardener.

Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Isaias is continuing its track through the Bahamas and toward the United States East Coast. As of 7 PM CDT, the winds have increased to 80 mph and its movement is holding steady at 15 mph NW. The track does take it a little closer to Florida, so landfall is possible. The most likely location for landfall in Florida at this point looks to be Cape Canaveral. Isaias is expected to weaken slightly as it moves NE along the coast, but with winds still around 60-65 mph as far out as Tuesday it will continue to be a formidable storm. Whether it does or doesn’t make landfall in Florida this weekend, the best bet for U.S. landfall is still North or South Carolina as a tropical storm. We’ll continue tracking the storm, but just know that any beach-goers in the Gulf should be free of weather worries from Hurricane Isaias. Watches and warnings will likely extend from Florida this weekend all the way to the Mid-Atlantic or New England states Monday and Tuesday once all is said and done.

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