WDHN Storm Team: Unseasonably Hot Days Ahead

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With unseasonably hot weather on the horizon, the WDHN Storm Team wants to make sure that you are prepared. An upper level high pressure system will move in from the east causing our temperatures to rise into the upper 90s over the weekend with some triple digit temperatures not out of the question. Below, Meteorologist Caroline Coe explains the UV Index and the Heat Index so that you can plan ahead. 

UV INDEX: A value based on the amount of UV radiation expected to reach Earth’s surface when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky. Typically, the UV Index is highest in the afternoon when we also reach our high temperature for the day. UV Index values will decrease as the sun sets in the evening. The higher the UV Index, the greater threat of damaging skin. Be sure to wear sun screen over the next several days as our UV Index will be “extreme.”

HEAT INDEX:”The air you can wear type feel…” This is a common phrase that Meteorologist Caroline Coe talks about on Wake Up Wiregrass. What does it mean? Simply put, the heat index is what it feels like to our body when the amount of moisture in the air is factored in with the air temperature. If your body feels too hot, you should listen to it. When our bodies overheat we begin to sweat to cool. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, our bodies cannot as effectively evaporate that sweat to cool off. All in all, as the air temperature and atmospheric moisture increase, the heat index increases. 

Our air temperature will be in the upper 90s to possibly 100° over the weekend with our heat index values ranging from 105°-110°.

So what can you do? 

1) Know the symptoms. 

2) Stay hydrated.

3) Take frequent breaks from being outside. 

Stay safe and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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