WDHN Storm Team: Sally’s gone, but who’s next? It’s Tropical Storm Beta brewing in the Gulf.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — We haven’t even finished dealing with the impacts of Sally especially concerning river flooding, and now we are already talking about Tropical Storm Beta. What’s that? Did I just hear you say, “I thought that was supposed to be ‘Tropical Storm Wilfred’ in the Gulf.” Well, with such an active season, what was Tropical Depression 22 yesterday waited too long to organize itself. It was beat out by a system in the Eastern Atlantic which earned the name Wilfred. THEN it was beat again, this time for the first Greek name of the year: Alpha. Subtropical Storm Alpha brought at least 50 mph winds and multiple reports of tornadoes to Portugal earlier today. But back in the Gulf of Mexico, T.D. 22 was finally upgraded to T.S. status earlier this afternoon. It’s expected to become a hurricane this weekend or early next week with it’s main impacts staying in the Western Gulf. Despite the hundreds of miles of space between the Tri-State and the center of T.S. Beta, it’s actually already impacting us right now and will continue this weekend. Here’s how.

The cloud cover and light mists throughout the Wiregrass today have been streaming off the Northern portions of T.S. Beta. This kept us cooler most of the day, but some spots saw a little more sunshine and got a little taste of the upper 80s for a few hours. The additional upper level moisture brought to us this weekend will keep many folks cool: more upper 70s and a few light mists. Those that manage to stay out from under the clouds will likely move into the low or even middle 80s.

Monday-Wednesday will stay in the mid-to-upper 70s because of the cooler and drier air moving into the region. We’ll see a little more sunshine reach the ground during the first half of the week compared to this weekend.

Thursday and Friday will stay below average for this time of year, but a return to the 80s will be in store for us. We’ll also see a return of the rain chances with a 30% chance both days.

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