Mexico Beach evacuees wonder about those who stayed behind

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -- As more and more pictures of the devastation come out, we're getting a better idea of the power behind Hurricane Michael.

Mobile is still packed with evacuees from Florida. It's not just in hotels in Downtown Mobile. We caught up with someone we spoke with earlier this week, who evacuated from Mexico Beach to West Mobile early Tuesday morning. He tells us, it just doesn't seem real.

"Nobody could imagine how bad it truly is," said Gerry Butts, an evacuee.

Gerry Butts and his wife, Joanne, had been vacationing from Pennsylvania in their home away from home, Mexico Beach.

"You get to know people, businesses, that grocery store," said Butts.

On Tuesday, they evacuated to Mobile. Butts explained where they were in relation to businesses in Mexico Beach, "they were like we were, ocean, highway 98, the grocery store, us."

All day Wednesday, they would constantly look at the television for updates when they could.

"We just sat and watched coverage, and it really sunk in," said Butts. 

Butts told us Tuesday, that some people hadn't left. Thursday, he and his wife worried about those who stayed behind.

"Where did they go? How could you hide from that," Butts asked.

Butts was vacationing with Jasper Rogers, who lives in Mobile. Rogers also evacuated Mexico Beach. He has friends who live there.

"There's nothing there. Where they live is completely gone," said Rogers. 

"It's just unbelievable, the power that Mother Nature can develop," said Butts. 

Their minds, still on Florida.

"I just wonder about those that didn't," said Butts. 

Butts had planned to resume his vacation in Mexico Beach after Michael passed. Now, he's still trying to figure out where to go from Mobile. 

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