Wiregrass agriculture industry having trouble finding farm workers


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Local farmers are having trouble finding workers to fuel what is one of the Wiregrass’ biggest industries.

“It’s been a challenge that I believe any other industry or business in the Wiregrass would have in common with agriculture,” local farmer Chris Parker said. “It’s very difficult to number one, recruit and retain the skillset that it requires for agriculture.”

With heat rising, the pandemic, and the unemployment that many Americans are receiving, this is leaving the people who are feeding our local families to work on the farm day in and day out alone.

According to Parker, the agriculture industry is having a hard time finding people to hire.

He said positions are not limited to just working in the field, like many people think, but there are many machines and equipment that require someone to operate them.

“For millennials that are tech savvy these farmers are looking for you,” Parker said. “We’re simply looking for people who are really good with computers, which a lot of younger people are. With the technology, it’s really opened up to a larger pool of candidates.”

He urged people to give the agriculture a chance. He said there are many networking opportunities in the industry and people should put themselves out there.

They are not looking for people who worked on a farm, but someone willing to just try something new.

“I believe if the person is dedicated and they show a true interest in what we do, there’s very few farmers that wouldn’t take up the time to help train those people to give them a future in this industry,” Parker said.

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