Tag fee to potentially help EMS Association


HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — With the general election a week away, one local referendum on the ballot is going to be the $5 tag fee will go towards the Houston County EMS Association.

Many of the fire and rescue teams around Houston County are volunteer or part-time employees only, due to the amount each station gets from the association.

But these heroes are still out every day helping people even during a global pandemic while leaving their families at home.

“But at any given point in time I have to get up and leave if we get a call,” EMS Captain Heather Thomas said. “So it takes away from your family. You miss sporting events, you miss quite a bit of stuff but I guess I’m lucky in that aspect, my kids understand that because they’ve grown up in it.”

For Rehobeth Fire and Rescue some of the money from the tag tax would go toward a small pay increase for the employees.

But for all, it would be able to bring in more workers and potentially help buy more equipment.

“It’d give us possibilities to get us more people down here or you know, anywhere,” Ambulance Driver Nathaniel Goulet said. “And then more equipment, newer equipment, that’s what the main focus is I guess.”

Rescue teams have to respond to all emergencies, whether they’re needed or not. So they are truly heros.

“When you’re kids look at you and they tell you that they’re proud of you because you help people and that you take the time to help people that you don’t know,” Thomas said. “That makes it worth it.”

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