Senator Donnie Chesteen speaks at the Houston County Republican luncheon


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —  According to Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2018, killing 42 million people.

Last month Governor Ivey signed that near-total abortion ban into law. “Well, when the abortion bill that passed this year in the legislature probably one of the toughest that has been passed in the nation,” Senator Donnie Chesteen said.

On May 15 governor Kay Ivey signed a new abortion restriction into law “The Human Life Protection Act” bans all abortions in the state except when abortion is necessary also with the ban legislation makes no exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

21 senators voted against the rape and victim exceptions and 11 votings in favor.

“If its a person here than in an incest/rape case its a person there as well. the intent i think in us passing this bill was hoping to get it before the Supreme Court” Senator Donnie Chesteen said.

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