Project X development expects to continues Coffee County’s Growth


Coffee County is continuing to grow.

“Fort Rucker is very beneficial to us our school systems are good, “Coffee County Commissioner Jim Thompson said.

“We got Hyundai Tier 1 supplier here and then the chicken plant has increase 400 some jobs in the past year so we got a lot of economic growth that brings more people. “

The 10 percent gas tax has helped improve roads throughout the area to adjust to this growth.

“They have gone all the way to Fort Rucker gate and they are going all the way to the high school and junior college,” Thompson said.

“If you ride around the housing market is booming so were all trying to keep up with the time and stay ahead of it.”

A new development is helping to continue Coffee County growth.

A new development called Project X is expected to that have that impact but the name of the development still remains a secret

“Well it’s gonna start out phase one with about 100 new jobs and by year five it’s gonna be 100 new jobs, well paying and it’s here in Coffee County,” Thompson said.

Coffee County is expected to make an official announcement on Project X on June 26.

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