New Alabama laws to be enforced in November


DOTHAN Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama passed two laws that went into effect September 1st requiring passengers to buckle up and drivers in the left lane to move over after 1 1/2 miles.

“The seat belt law requires now used to be it was only front-seat occupants,” Sergeant Michael Simmons said. “Now it’s all occupants of the vehicle must be wearing a seat belt.”

Drivers in the area are happy about the new seat belt laws.

“Me personally, I haven’t personally experienced it, but seat belts does save lives and they need to be seat belted,” Truck driver James Cadoree said. “I mean, you know the way traffic is being heavy, especially around me driving trucks coming through this Dothan area traffic is heavy. It’s unpredictable, and you need to be restrained because it does save lives.”

People pulled over since September 1st only got warnings. Come November 1st, drivers and passengers will be fined for breaking the new laws.

“It was wrote up as the road rage act to try to reduce some of the issues. We have on the highways with people getting upset because somebody’s in their way,” Simmons said. “But basically that law only applies on the interstate at this time.”

While some drivers are excited about the seat belt law, not everyone is excited about the left lane law, which was made out of a road rage act.

“When it comes to driving in the left lane too long, sometimes you have to,” Dawn Revells said. “I mean, so, I don’t necessarily agree with that, you know, I mean, I don’t like riding near tractor trailers.”

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