Hurricane Ready: Ensuring your safe space is safe; preparing your home for Hurricane Season 2020


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — When residents hunker down in their homes, it’s important they know their safe place is just that: safe.

What can you do to better protect your home, both inside and out?

“Gas cans, fuel, if the power goes off, obviously you’re not going to be able to get gas at the pumps,” True Value Owner Ashley Enfinger said. “It’s always great to have some extra fuel cans around.”

Heavy rain, strong winds, and power outages are just a few things residents can expect during hurricane season. That’s why it’s important to start preparing now.

“If you’re in an area that you need to board up windows or doors, you’re looking for plywood or lumber,” Townsend Building Supply President Michael Townsend. “Nails, things like that to board up windows or doors.”

Residents should also look up to see if anything could fall down on their homes.

“If you’ve got trees around your house, particularly old trees or dead trees, you need to get those removed so they don’t fall on your house,” Townsend said.

Once the storm has passed, hurricane supplies can become essential.

“If you’re out on the road and trying to travel to check on family members or something like that, a lot of time you’ll have trees fall across the roads,” Enfinger explained. “Chainsaws, things like that are a great thing to have.”

Power outages can also present problems, which is why generators tend to be a hot commodity.

“The biggest thing is our power supplies to keep us where we can have food,” Enfinger said. “In the heat of the season, we can run air conditioners, fans, that kind of thing.”

Hardware stores also suggest purchasing items such as tarps before the storm, as some items can become difficult to find.

“Particularly this year with the Coronavirus and the strains that the supply chain is seeing, we don’t really know how soon we’ll be able to replenish those items after a storm,” Townsend said.

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