COVID & Religion: Local priest says “God gave us a brain so that we don’t act stupid”


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The pandemic has many in faith-based communities questioning God’s will and how to merge their religion, and the science behind the virus, together.

“I think science can enrich us in the faith, in fact, the pope has a group of scientists that are in the Vatican studying the scientific things and tying them into religion,” said St. Columba Catholic Church’s newest pastor, Father James Dane.

With rising numbers of COVID cases being reported across the Wiregrass, faith leaders such as Father James of St. Columba Catholic Church of Dothan, worry about teaching their congregation how to use faith to guide them through this time.

“We have to take precautions; God wants us to love others. God gave us a brain so that we don’t act stupid. So, we wear our mask, and not just to protect ourselves but to protect others because we love them,” Dane said.

Father James compares the Coronavirus Pandemic to the Polio Epidemic, he says during that time people often kept their children home during the summer.

“So I mean it’s been done before, it’s just we live in a society right now with short memories,” Dane said.

Father James says Corinthians 1:13, talks about love is patient, love is kind, but in the middle it says love does not seek its own interest, which could be the most important part in relation to COVID-19.

“Take the precautions you can, and that’s part of science teaches us what precautions we should be taking. But if we are only looking at what I want and my rights and my freedoms, but the other people have rights to not catch the virus from you,” Dane said.

Although he is new to town he’s heard that with the increase in cases many more parishioners have been wearing their masks to services. He says the challenge for everyone right now is to not lose God during this time and learn from what science teaches us.

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