2021 kicks off with plans of a new library for Dale County


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — After receiving the vote at the first city council meeting of 2021, the board for the Ozark Dale County Library is now planning the construction and design of the new library.

The library itself has been in the same building on James Street since the 1950s and is starting to see the wear-and-tear from the past.

So once it was approved, the library board started working on plans to make the move happen and many are excited for what it will bring to the community.

“It’s really centrally located, you know, more visible,” Mayor Mark Blankenship said. “People will be able to see we have a new library, and it’ll be, you know, downtown, around some of the business community and hopefully improve downtown too.”

Blankenship is volunteering his time to help in this project and looks forward to see how they revitalize the old EMS building.

Wednesday’s board meeting touched mostly on scheduling a work day to clear out the old building and viewing designs of how they want the new library to look.

“It’s going to be way more efficient; it might be a little smaller, but it’ll be more efficient and way more useful space in the new location,” board member Michael Cairns said. “And hopefully because this is a Dale County and Ozark library, we get a maximum participation from people who actually care about the library and about us moving forward and we get it done in a short time.

“The more people we have just putting in the time and the effort and the work the better it will be for the city and the county.”

This project is going to require a lot of hands and time so if you are interested reach out to the library or keep up with them on their social media.

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