Wiregrass football coaches have growing worry about upcoming season


ENTERPRISE, Ala (WDHN) — In part two of the High School media day for Wiregrass football coaches, much of the conversation was filled with the Coronavirus.

From the 16 coaches present, all of them were asked about how the virus has one, impacted their team, but also if they had growing concerns of the start of the season.

Pate Harrison, the recently signed coach at Rehobeth said that one player tested positive a few weeks ago and this makes him uncertain about the season.

“We gave our kids off the week before July 4th, and we ended up giving them the week after as well. This kid still hasn’t returned to practice because (we need) to keep him quarantined and anyone that was around him.” He would later say, “If you’d asked me a month ago, I would’ve said we’re gonna play football no matter what, I don’t see it happening, … but now, I don’t know.”

As for the rest of the teams, no other coaches mentioned a player or coach contracting the virus but many spoke to the seriousness to the spike in COVID-19 numbers.

Les Sanders of Geneva High, has been aware of the what the virus could takeaway since it’s first positive case in the country.

“Obviously, it has been a worry since day one cause you do not know about this thing someone asked me the other day. Every day is like its own year cause you just don’t know….It is a big worry,” Sanders would say.

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