Sunbelt commissioner visits Troy


TROY, Ala. (WDHN) — In March, the Sunbelt Conference announced that Keith Gill was named the league’s sixth commissioner.

Gill is visiting all 12 schools before the start of football season. Troy hosted the commissioner Thursday.

During the visits, Gill says his main goal is to establish relationships with the athletic department and get a feel for the campus. Gill also gave the Trojans props when asked what they bring to the conference.

I think Troy brings a lot to the Sunbelt Conference. Obviously competitively they have great success, you know beating Nebraska last year, beating LSU, so from all sports perspective you know, they’re good all across the board. So, that’s great and then just their commitment to student-athletes. They bring a well-rounded institution that’s great academically, does great in student development, and it also brings competitive success, Troy’s a great Sunbelt member,” Gill said.

Commissioner Gill said winning is one great thing all Sunbelt schools are doing and that’s where it all starts.

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