Round 2 of SEC Media Day


There are a lot of things that make SEC Media Days special.

Certainly all the fans who gather here are part of that.

But another element of that is radio row where dozens of stations line up and just like the fans wait on coaches and players to come through.

And you’ll see big names coming through here all week long.

It’s about the only time all year you’ll see media from all over the conference gathered all in one place.

It really gives you a sense of how big this event is.

Coaches from all over the conference talk to media from all over the conference.

And in some cases in the past those coaches have used this as an opportunity to sell their program.

Phil Kornblut, host of “Sportstalk,” Columbia, S.C.

“Tommy Tuberville would always come the day before his session here because he wanted to do the rounds of the radio shows. Because from a recruiting standpoint, before the internet became such a huge part of recruiting how could you reach the masses of kids and listeners? Through radio talk shows. So these coaches saw the value of doing that.”

But it’s not just coaches and players that come though.

Also some of college football’s biggest personalities.

From national media members to college football playoff officials.

And all of these personalities have created some memorable moments here along radio row throughout the years here.

They’re sure to create even more this year.

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