Future Masters tournament draws in players from all over the world

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It was the sound of bagpipes and a ceremonial tee by Dr. Press Thornton Jr. and Johnny Culpepper that officially kicked off the 70th annual Press Thornton Future Masters.

In total, there are around 500 participants who come to play in the Future Masters tournament.

“We have nine different countries and 30 states that are represented here,” said Angelia Turner, tournament coordinator. “We have kids from Austria, South Africa, England, Canada, Panama, Bermuda, and then a lot of kids play in academies in south Florida so some of those we may not even know what country they’re from because they’re using an American address.”

When the tournament first started, there were less than 40 kids competing, and since then, it’s grown every year. Turner said it’s thrilling to know that people all over the world now come to Dothan to play in this tournament.

“It’s very humbling because we’ve got a lot of people working on this, and we work hard, and we provide a great event for them, but it’s just really neat to be able to be a part of it,” she said.

Turner said that the golf world in pretty tight in terms of junior tournaments, so the way people hear about this tournament is by word of mouth.

“When these kids go to tournaments, their friends talk about it, or the parents talk to each other, and they tell them,” she said. “And they get on our website and find out about it, and they want to get in the tournament so I’ve even had someone today wanting to know about next year’s tournament.”

Turner said that they will start getting ready for next year’s tournament as soon as this year’s ends.

If you want to keep up with the action, you can follow the Press Thornton Future Masters Facebook and Twitter pages and get live scoring at futuremastersgolf.com.

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