Families enjoy being able to experience Future Masters with one another

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Press Thornton Future Masters is one of the traditionally rich tournaments in the world for junior golfers. It’s also become a proving ground for future PGA Champions, but without advertising, how do junior golfers from all over the world hear about this tournament.

“We’ve got a good friend at home that works with my son Collin and his son has played in it the last few years,” Tom Bradford from Athens, Georgia said. “He told us about it and said it would be good experience for Collin so we decided to sign up and come over to Dothan for the four days.

In 2002 the DCC course was redesigned, and one first time Future Masters competitor discussed his thoughts on this year’s course.

“It’s kind of small, but when you have this big of a tournament with that good of a field, it makes it really fun,” Will Coffman from Palmetto, Georgia said. “Like I said it seems small everything is kind of packed together, but the greens are rolling smooth, and the fairways are running out fine, it’s in really good shape.

Bradford said, as a parent, it’s stressful watching his son competing in this tournament.

“This is the first tournament he’s played in where I don’t caddie for him, so every decision is on him and he’s got to make every decision, so yeah, that part’s been stressful,” Bradford said. “But, it’s a lot of fun watching him play and watching him grow, and you try to figure things out, so it’s been a good experience.”

Coffman said the best piece of advice his dad has given him after a bad hole is…

“Just relax, like you know, don’t get to worked up about it, don’t get too excited for a great shot, don’t get too mad at yourself for a bad shot just regroup and play the next hole.”

Both Bradford and Coffman said it’s fun being able to experience this with their families.

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