How will Hurricane Sally impact Friday night lights?


HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala (WDHN) — As Hurricane Sally has continued to run through South Alabama and the Wiregrass, many school districts have closed school and activities for Wednesday and Thursday.

So what does this mean for football? Well, not being able to practice Wednesday and for some teams, Thursday, it will be a difficult task to prepare for the game Friday.

Houston County is one of the school districts that has gone ahead and cancelled school Thursday, and though there is a chance the schools can practice, missing Wednesday is enough.

“Unfortunately, just roll with the punches, we missed day two of some really good work,” Ashford head coach, Robin Tyra said.

Ashford plays Geneva on Friday night and if given the chance, the Yellow Jackets could practice Thursday.

Regardless, when Ashford hits the field, there is a good chance that Sally’s impact will be seen Friday night, field conditions will be sloppy but coach Tyra will be right in his element.

“I need to make sure and bring my muck boots just in case, I love the rain and playing in it. I think it is some of the best football, and some of the best equalizers for when you have a young team like we do,” Tyra added.

Speaking of those wet field conditions, that will certainly make the turnover battle even more important. Dustin Harrison at Cottonwood has emphasized just how vital that part of Friday will be.

“It is definitely is something you have to factor in. You have to work on playing with a wet ball,” Harrison said. “It is tough enough to secure the ball as is, and when you have a wet ball, a wet field, and wet conditions it changes how you prepare and play.”

As of now all games are set to be played Friday night but if field conditions are not able to improve between now and kickoff, we could see some schools play on Saturday. If that is the case, we will break that here at

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