High school basketball player resembles Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — If you’re a big sports fan, specifically NFL, you may notice a player on the Houston Academy basketball team that looks like one of the most explosive quarterbacks in the league — many of us will see him in Super Bowl 54 this Sunday.

“Hmmm, Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, Patrick Mahomes he looks just like him,” Houston Academy students said.

“You talking about uh, Patrick Mahomes? Yeah, yeah I can kinda see that, yeah,” Houston Academy Athletic Director Marc Edge said.

Meet the twin of Patrick “Showtime” Mahomes, Kadyn Mitchell. Kadyn is in the seventh grade and he plays point guard for the Raiders. Kadyn is a two-sport athlete much like Mahomes and yeah, you can probably guess the other sport he’s talented in.

“Yeah, I play quarterback and I actually wore number 15. People say I look like him so I might as well,” Mitchell said.

Other than the looks, the coach says the mentality of Kadyn is very similar to Patrick Mahomes because he’s a competitor. Mithcell says the compliments can be challenging to live up to but it makes him feel good inside.

“Nervous because I feel like if I don’t play good its gonna put pressure on me, but if I do play good I feel thankful,” He said.

Mitchell didn’t participate in the game Thursday night. However, he could suit up for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

“It’ll be nice if he can make it back and forth to both and give us some money on the side while he’s doing that too,” an assistant coach added.

Mitchell says he’ll be rooting for his look-alike against the San Francisco 49ers.

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