Saban now owns at least 100 gas cans after boating snafu

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ATLANTA — Nick Saban owns at least 100 gas cans now, after some confusion over what led to the Alabama Crimson Tide head coach and several players being stranded in the middle of Lake Tuscaloosa back in early June.

Coach Saban wanted to clear up the confusion over what happened, but joked about an apparent silver lining to the social media buzz surrounding the snafu:

“I’ve got at least 100 gas cans…I’ve got plenty of gas cans so if anybody needs one let me know, I’ll be glad to send you one, ’cause I can’t use them all,” Saban laughed during his time on the podium at SEC Media Days in the e-media room. 

Saban says he at first thought they ran out of gas when the boat, with two tubers on the back, suddenly slowed to a stop. 

“So when it stalled, I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. I bought a new boat, and they didn’t put gas in it.’ I didn’t even think about it. You just assume that it’s got gas in it when you get a new car or a new boat. My heart sunk for a minute because I had all those kids out there. I had two of them on tubes when it happened,” he said to ESPN.

Saban and his players eventually found out from the mechanic that came to their rescue that it was a faulty fuel pump to blame.

“We didn’t run out of gas. But when the fuel pump runs out, that’s exactly what it feels like,” Saban said, according to ESPN. “I’ve got all these kids on the boat, and I say, ‘We must have run out of gas,’ and then look at the gas gauge and it’s full.”

At SEC Media Days, senior running back Damien Harris told the media he was one of the players on the boat.

“It was horrible,” Harris laughed. He said it was fun though, seeing coach get worked up about something other than football.

The boat was brand new, Saban said. 

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