Brothers battle on first day of older division


DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN)— In the 232 man division, there are four pairs of brothers in the 15 to 18 age bracket. Two sets of brothers had the chance to play in the group right next to each other. Jack and Tommy Morrison did not let each other mess up their game.

“There’s a sense you know you want to beat your brother and kind of heckle him a little bit but we kind of had a good distance between one another so its kind of just going out there and doing your own thing and looking back every once in a while,” Jack said of his younger brother.

“We have a great competitive rivalry at home and its good we bring it to the tournaments…You are thinking about it when you see him but it is more about dialing in and focusing on your own game,” Tommy said.

From a young age these two played many sports, mostly on the same team but Jack says sports is a big contributor in fueling their competitive drive.

“It is good to have that mentality, just growing up and being competitors with one another but at the same time rooting for each other so its good to come to gold and do that too,” the big brother said.

In the first round, Tommy got the best of his big brother but jack is determined to bring it a little closer

“Selfishly I’m hoping it turns around a little bit, and I can get a good run out there. And doesn’t struggle but obviously I want us to both go out there and do well,” Jack said.

The two have mirrored each other in their growth, physically as well as skill. Moving forward the two will use each other to keep making gains.

“It is tough right now to play golf as good as you want to sometimes, but hopefully we both keep progressing and progressing and get to the next level,” Tommy said.

Tomorrow the two are expected to tee off at 1:21 (Jack) and 1:30 (Tommy) both will start on the front nine.

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