2021 to be a major political year for Alabama, analyst says


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 2021 holds a lot of possibilities, but first, political analyst Steve Flowers said some issues have to be resolved in the regular session which begins Feb. 3, 2021.  

“The prison issue is looming as a real big problem, it has been for 3 or 4 years now, it’s got to be resolved because the federal courts, the justice department, has finally filed suit for overcrowding in our prisons,” Flowers said.

Governor Kay Ivey is proposing building three new men’s prisons, which would be privately owned throughout the state. Legislators will have to look over that.  

Another item on the agenda for 2021? Gaming. 

“They will also look at the possibility of gambling in the state, we are one of the few states in America that don’t have a lottery,” Flowers said.  “And actually, Representative Clouse introduced a lottery bill last year, but Governor Ivey had a blue-ribbon panel overlooking and studying all aspects of gambling and how the state could make revenue from it.”  

The comprehensive plan from the panel will be reviewed by the legislature.  

Getting closer to home, the census was taken in 2020, and the end of January, we will see the results.

“It’s been forecast for the last 10 years, or five years at least that Alabama is on course that we haven’t been growing as fast as some other states like Texas, and we are liable to lose a congressional seat,” Flowers said. “We currently have seven congressional seats, and if that’s the case we’d go to six congressional seats. However, the latest data shows that we are right on the cusp we might save that seat.”  

If Alabama does lose a seat, some are speculating it may be for the second congressional district that Barry Moore was just elected to.

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