Dems vs. Republicans: Residents talk expectations for Presidential Election

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Presidential election is just hours away, and many believe this has been one of the most debated and polarizing one seen in years.

Both candidates, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, have been very vocal throughout their campaign on where they stand on the pandemic and other pressing issues.

Residents showed that same spirit when explaining why they believe their candidate they voted for is fit for president.

Like resident Angie Kilink who favors Donald Trump.

“I like Trump because he’s not a politician per se; he can’t be bought or paid for,” Kilink said. “I like what’s done the last four years as far as the economy, the peace stills unemployment rate so that’s why I’m gonna vote for him again.”

Brian Tabb, another resident, feels the same.

“The fact that politicians are making a career out of politics I think is a delta or a negative for this country, and tomorrow I do expect him to win,” Tabb said.

On the other side of the political fence, Democrats are just as supportive for Joe Biden.

“Tomorrow for the election and voting, I’m expecting to get Joe Biden as president along with his vice president and the whole democratic party,” Gwendolyn Mills said.

She believes the leadership Biden and Harris have displayed is the type that we need to guide this country.

“That’s what we need,” Mills said. “It’s time out for phoniness. It’s time for us to get together, and let’s make the United States a perfect state.”

Mills is encouraging everyone no matter what your political affiliation is to get out and use your voices.

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