Democrat victory in Georgia could negatively affect Alabama, state rep. says

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the Georgia Senate race coming to a close, both Democratic candidates have been declared winners, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

Will this have an effect on the state of Alabama? State politicians think so.

Democratic state representative Dexter Grimsley thinks there will be change but not drastic.

“The Democrats now have control of the Senate; if it carries on the way it’s going and of course, then it will affect the entire country,” Democratic State Representative Dexter Grimsley said. “Not saying whether or not it will make mass differences in the state of Alabama, but it will affect the entire country which Alabama is a part of.”

On the other side, Republican Representative Paul Lee thinks it will be bad for the state because Senator Richard Shelby will lose his chair on the Appropriations Committee.

“That person in that position is very very important, and he’s been very good to help us in the state of Alabama,” Republican State Representative Paul Lee said. “If (Republicans) lose control of the senate, then we lose him in that position so that’s going to be a negative very big negative impact on the State of Alabama.”

According to Lee, this is because Shelby has done a lot to bring in money for programs around the state.

“He’s brought over a billion dollars to the FBI complex there at Redstone, $560 million just in the last month, additional money to that, $3.5 billion to Marshall Space Center in Huntsville,” Lee said.

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