Your Local Election Headquarters: U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Sessions addresses heated tweet aimed at President Trump


(WDHN) — U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Sessions has addressed his heated tweet aimed at President Trump regarding the former U.S. Attorney General’s decision to recuse himself amid the Russia investigation.

“The president has every right to endorse who he chooses to endorse,” Sessions said. “But I wanted to say, clearly, that I did what I believe I was required to do under the law.”

According to Sessions, while he and the President do not see eye-to-eye on the recusal, there are no policy disagreements.

“I stood with him, I was the first senator to endorse him, I stood for him throughout the campaign and have advanced his agenda because I believe in him,” Sessions said. “It’s Alabama’s agenda. We need to get it done. We need to end the illegality at the border. We need to stand up to unfair trading practices. We need to stand up to China and defend our interests. There are so many important things he’s leading on. Protecting our American workers from foreign, imported workers, those things that he’s strong on, I’m totally supportive of and have always been.”

WDHN also spoke with Session’s opponent, Tommy Tuberville. To see that full interview click here.

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