Your Local Election Headquarters: Tuberville addresses Sessions’ heated Trump tweet and debate challenge


(WDHN) — Former Auburn Head Football Coach and U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville gave his reaction to his opponent’s tweets directed at the president.

“(He) pretty much quit on him and stabbed in the back, he turned loose 200 hundred liberal lawyers on him for three years, so I think anybody would be a little mad at somebody that did that to him,” Tuberville said. “President Trump has been on my team now for about three months and we’ve got a pretty good lead and I think that’s kind of getting to my opponent a little bit.”

Sessions has publicly challenged Tuberville to several televised debates around Alabama. According to Tuberville, he has no plans to participate.

“I’ve been doing hand-to-hand,” Tuberville said. “I haven’t seen him. He hasn’t been out. I’m not going to go on TV and let him get up there and try to get an advantage when he hasn’t been out there doing the leg work I’ve been doing. There’s no reason to do it. Again, we’ve got a good double digit lead, I got a new quarterback on my team that’s president trump who’s helping me campaign. It’s going well, so we’ll let him run his race and we’ll run ours.”

WDHN also interviewed Jeff Sessions; to see that full interview, click here.

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