Worms launched into space for muscular system research


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WIAT) — Spacex’s Falcon-9 blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center with 36,000 worms wriggling on board.

Their mission: to answer questions about the human aging process.

Researchers at Lancaster Medical School in Britain will study the worms to see how their muscles reach to conditions on the space station. They are hoping to figure out what causes the bodies of astronauts to get old quickly in space.

The microscopic creatures will be on-board the rocket for about a week before being frozen. Scientists say their work could also lead to new medical treatments.

“We think that some of the insight that we get from this experiment might be valuable for treating things such as type-2 diabetes and muscular dystrophy,” Dr. Chris Gaffney said. 

The mission was originally set for Tuesday, but was delayed after mold was found on food bars for a rodent experiment. The rocket is also delivering turkey and other fixings to the astronauts for Christmas dinner. 

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