Wiregrass residents share reason for celebrating the Fourth despite 2020 obstacles


(WDHN) — Every year, Americans find themselves celebrating the fourth of July known as Independence Day in a huge way.

“My kids are coming down from Oklahoma to visit me so what we’re gonna do is they are having a show on Fort Rucker for fireworks so we’re all just going to go up there and watch the firework celebration,” Army Staff SargeantLashanda Standokes said.

“I have a friend down the road he runs Blue Wire Cafe every fourth of July he does a barbecue and we sit out by the road so we can see the fireworks on the post when they do it and we just eat and have fun.

While those are tradition celebrations, this year’s fourth of July will have a different feel. As a country, 2020 has been pretty miserable to go through. First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic causing many to not be with their loved ones and unemployment, policy brutality regarding racism sparking numerous protests all over the United States.

So, with all of that being said, what is there to be happy for and celebrate in such a uncomfortable year so far?

“We’re gonna celebrate our freedom. I’m gonna celebrate that I’m alive I mean I can’t help everybody but I can help the people around me that’s all I can do and everybody should do the same. And as far as police brutality, we can’t defund the police we need them. When somebody break into your house who are you gonna call? Not everybody has a gun,” Dimitrius Mckenzie said.

Most people are planning to celebrate the holiday despite the rough time because they say you have to remember what the day is about — Freedom.

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