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(WDHN) Geneva- Local entrepreneur and business owner April Swinton dream became a reality when she was able to start her own interior decorator business four years ago. 

For Swinton, business was good but everything changed after she went on a family vacation to Orlando,Florida. 

“My nose was running, no big deal change of climate,” said Swinton. “I had no idea why my nose was running that when I came back a few days later that I’m gonna contact bacteria meningitis.” 

The bacteria is airborne and for April it’s brought many challenges over the past two months. 

“When I woke my left eye was very very blurry and my right eye I couldn’t see out of it,” said Swinton. “I told them that this was part of the stuff at the time I was able to Google some of the stuff and was able to see some of the stuff that meningitis does.” 

For April she simply sums her life up as a miracle. 

“If you read anything about bacteria meningitis it takes you out fast,” said Swinton. “So from Tuesday to Friday trying to get to a doctor and still praise God I may have one eye but I can walk, I can talk, i can hear you know  that why I say God is so good.” 

Now April is giving her testimony to others to bring awareness and also encouragement. 

“Here I am now facing this life threatening disease with meningitis and I’m still believing that I’m gone get my vision back and I’m gone go on and my business is gonna do well again,” said Swinton. 

“Every doctor appointment the doctor would say wow you’re lucky, I’m lucky I’m blessed. 

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