What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Deputy goes beyond call of duty


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dale County SRO Deputy Bobby Oldham went out of his way for a cell phone that somehow ended up in a drain. After a long day’s work, Oldham thought his day was over.

“I was heading back and was about to get off work, and I noticed a young lady was over at the drainage ditch,” Deputy Bobby Oldham said. “She asked me if I could help her get her cell phone that slid off into the hole.”

The owner of that phone describes how she and her son ended up in that situation.

“Me and my son were walking along the sidewalk looking at our sidewalk chalk drawings, and he slipped and fell, and he was holding my phone at the time,” teacher Krista Agerton said. “So, when he fell, it slid down the drain.”

What happened next has since become a popular picture on Facebook. The image shows Oldham climbing into the drain to retrieve the phone.

“So we went and picked the lid up, and it just happened to be sitting down on the bottom,” Oldham said. “So, I crawled in got my way down in there, and retrieved her phone for her.”

The moment would become a lasting memory for all involved.

“Well, it saved my phone so, it saved about $800 bucks for me and it just goes to show that they’re here to protect us, but not only are they here to protect us, they’re here to do any job that they can help us out in any way,” Agerton said.

The owner was not the only one proud of Oldham’s actions.

“They do a great job, and just the fact that they’re willing to go beyond and try to make a difference and help people and they just do a great job and we appreciate what they do,” Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said.

But for Oldham, the moment was just part of the job.

“It means a lot, I’m glad I can make a difference,” Oldham said

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