What’s Good in the Neighborhood: A Historic Trio


Anticipation. that’s how you narrate the faces of the dozens of medical professionals in this photograph.

Some of the best in the region — practicing for months in advance, waiting – for three “P’s” in a pod.


As for parents Lynsey and Heath West, well, they have that look of anticipation, too.

“I don’t think you can really prepare for it, but it seems a little less overwhelming now that they’re than it did leading up to it,” Lynsey said.

Each baby was assigned a team of their own, full of medical professionals, and July 19 was delivery day — a historic one — because it happened in Dothan.

“It’s been nice to have it here, for sure,” Heath said.

“Yeah, we celebrated it,” Lynsey said. “Twenty-eight weeks was our milestone to be able to stay in Dothan, so that was a big deal for us.”

Parker, Paige and Preston are three little miracles who were destined to make history in their hometown before even opening their eyes. 

Never before have premature triplets been given the opportunity to stay in Dothan. It’s a tedious care process that’s always required medical expertise only available in places like Birmingham — until now.

And for Heath and Lynsey, they’re grateful for the advancements at Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

“They eat every three hours, get assessed every three hours, and have their diapers changed every three hours or as necessary,” nurse Hailey Watkins said. “We try to just recreate … as much of a womb-like environment as we can.”

So Friday night, three of Dothan’s youngest residents — Parker, Paige and Preston — are resting well and growing in their hometown, and they’re absolutely adored by all who meet them.

And because they’re able to stay in our neighborhood, that’s what’s good in *the* neighborhood.

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