What to expect from Alabama’s lottery bill


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) – Twenty years ago was the last time Alabamians had the opportunity to vote for a statewide lottery.

The state voted no, but another opportunity has now reemerged.

A bill passed 21 to 12 in the State Senate and moves to the house, but what will happen if the state votes yes?

The bill will bring $167 million a year in net revenue, which is less than how much Georgia allots on their gaming and operating expenses.

This lottery bill only supports the general fund of Alabama, and no money will go toward education.

Also, only paper lottery tickets will be allowed through this bill.

If you want electronic gaming, then you will have to wait until Sen. Jim McClendon’s bill is approved by the Senate tourism committee.

One Wiregrass resident told me that if the state does get a vote on the bill, her vote would be no.

“As a conservative Republican, I cannot in due conscious vote for the lottery,” Hartford resident Kimberly Rousseau said. “I grew up in a very religious home and morally I believe gambling is a sin.”

Rousseau said she believes a vote should happen.

“As our generations age and new voters are coming in, I believe that we should give them the opportunity to make that decision for themselves,” Rousseau said.

If the bill is passed by the State House, then it will move to the ballot for the 2020 presidential election primary.

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