What chiropractors are doing to ensure safety during COVID-19


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Since the beginning of the pandemic, chiropractors were deemed, essential workers. Dr. Ericksen’s practice has taken steps to continue adjusting patients through this time.

“We screen our patients we have them answer some questions from a questionnaire asking about their potential exposure to anyone infected or their travel, as well as their symptoms. We check their temperature and they have to wear a mask obviously,” Dr. Kirk Eriksen of Eriksen Chiropractics said. “Speaking of which I’m very happy that our Governor has mandated that because it does make a difference”

Eriksen says his office sanitizes the tables between patients, they practice regular hand washing and go through as much sterilization as they can to make things as safe as possible for staff, patients, and family members. They also have a unique method of treatment with laser therapy instead of traditional hands-on chiropractic care.

“Really we use a lot of technology in our office, it’s not just hands-on treatment, but it’s very essential to helping to relieve pain and stress that people are going through, obviously during this time,” said Eriksen

According to Eriksen chronic pain and improper spine alignment can cause stress on the nervous system which can weaken the immune system.

“Chronic pain and your spine being out of alignment, particularly, puts stress on the nervous system which can potentially affect the immune system, which is the exact thing that you don’t want dealing with this pandemic. You want to enhance your immune system as much as you can, but again not a treatment for COVID-19 but just a method of improving the wellness of your body,” Eriksen said.

Eriksen works with a medical physician and physician assistant to provide chiropractic services and other medical treatments.

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