Westside road construction causing traffic jams along Highway 84


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The west side of town has seen a lot of growth in the past few years and there is more to be done On your way back to the circle city on Highway 84, you’ll see a lot of construction on the roadways which may cause headaches but it will be relief soon.

“The Alabama Department of Transportation that Midsouth construction out there working out there to widen Ross Clark Circle and widen 84 in that area around 84 west and the circle. It will include six lanes, additional turn lanes, removal of some median crossings, access management, upgrading traffic signals,” Dothan Public Works Director Charles Metzger said.

Depending on the time of day particularly around lunchtime to the early evening hours, you can find yourself waiting for bumper to bumper for at least 10 minutes or more just to get to Ross Clark Circle. One of the issues contributing to that is the merging lane from Flower Chapel onto 84 being closed.

“Well, they are gonna be closing lanes on and off because they are doing widening work they gotta be able to get their equipment in there. The project is about 55 percent complete and they are gonna start some night work from what we understand next week and it will probably go on for the next month or more and then they are going to try to get into the median and work that,” Metzger said.

One resident says he must commute on that side of town every day and it’s been very difficult getting to his destination.

“You see trying to go to school and go to school and get around town and sometimes you gotta zip around and you got places you need to be and you got a time schedule yeah construction helpful maybe in the long run but we got obligations to get to right now so it would be helpful to speed this up,” Cooper Andrews said.

Metzger says this project could last until later this year. Officials say leave to go to work or lunch earlier or take alternate routes to avoid the traffic jam.

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