WATCH: Video shows gas pump charging extra for no reason


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Captain Tracy Nelson with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency stopped at the Raceway on the Ross Clark Circle Monday morning when he noticed something strange: the gas pump was raising its total cost on its own.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, Nelson raised his pump to show that he wasn’t putting any gas … but the machine was charging him more anyway.

“Somebody needs to explain this crap,” he said while holding the diesel pump.

In the post, he wrote that the checks by the inspectors with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, which were replaced with independent agents, were important and warned car owners to pay attention to their total charge when they pump gas.

Although Nelson also warned people about business owners who do this on purpose to charge people more, he did make it clear in a phone call to WDHN News and an update on Facebook that the Raceway owners were not at fault and that he got his money back immediately.

CLARIFICATION: The statement of the owners not being at fault does not mean that the fault necessarily falls on the Department. Gas pump owners do bear the responsibility of making sure that pumps are correctly calibrated. If there are issues, the Department shuts down that pump immediately. Anyone with problems should contact the department by searching for the number shown on orange stickers on pumps.

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