Week 2 of WDHN 18-week fitness challenge


Katie Newton, a certified nutritionist at Orange Theory Fitness in Dothan, explains what healthy body fat percentages ranges should be for both men and women, “A really good range for someone who’s involved would be like a 21-24% body fat percentage for females. Now for men it’s going to be less obviously because they have less fat than women and so we had a chat with Dustin and we are definitely going to work with Dustin to get his body fat percentage into a healthier range somewhere around 25 % would be a good start for him.” 

Keisha Brazzell, owner of Orange Theory Fitness in Dothan, gives us some tips when starting a new workout routine. 

“So when you start an exercise program, sometimes people can get discouraged. One of the things that usually happens you don’t see results immediately and we’re a society that wants instant gratification and so if you’ve worked out twice and haven’t lost 15 pounds, you’re ready to quit and so it’s really important to set small, attainable goals.  That can really help out on that journey so maybe we don’t focus on anything esthethically right now, maybe we just focus on I’m going to get six workouts in two weeks and set a reward for yourself. Really make it fun because that’s the biggest thing. If you can find something you enjoy doing, then you’re more likely to keep coming back,” said Brazzell.

Newton says when losing weight, skipping meals can actually do harm to your metabolism over time. 

“I think a lot of times people think calorie restriction equals weight loss and yeah, there’s a math formula to it. Absolutely you can lose weight by restricting calories, but what happens over time is you can damage your metabolism so a lot of people find when they start eating more healthy foods they’ll actually jump start that metabolism and actually start to lose the weight they’ve desired,” stated Newton.   

So what does a person need to do to help control cravings?

“Having frequent small meals is going to balance your blood sugar which if you give it a little time, those cravings will go away. We might sneak some sweet things like sugar free Jell-O in the refreigerator to kind of curb those sweet tastings, but overtime I think your blood sugar will level out by eating more food frequently and those cravings will go away,” said Newton.

Whenv starting a new fitness rprogram, a person may be tempted to not workout consistently because they are sore, but Katie offers some advice.  

“If you guys have been a little sore since you started a new program drinking a lot of water will help to flush some of that lactic acid out  so a real standard recommendation is drinking 64 ounces a day or 8, eight ounce glasses of water. I tell people so maybe you want to treat yourself to a special cup for that so you know you are staying hydrated,” said Newton.

Having an accountabilitiy program, like the one they offer at Orange Theory Fitness, also can help to keep yourself motivated in the beginning.   

“I think in the beginning a lot of people have a lot of motivation to show up. I think as time progresses sometimes we can lose that motivation so I always encourage people to have someone who can hold you accountable and then also it’s not always fun to show up the next day because you are sore so understand that if you are completely beat down, take a rest day and let those muscles repair before you show up and workout again,” stated Newton. 

Keisha gives us a sneak peek of what people can expect over the next 18 weeks of the WDHN fitness challenge. 

“So some of the things we really want to focus on are how to get started with any exercise program, What are some things you can do on your own if you don’t have the luxury of going to a gym?, What is some stuff you can do at home?, What are the things you need to be focused on?, Is it cardio, weights, where do I start? So hopefully we can kind of give some inside into that. We’re also going to do a grocery store trip so we’ll get to help you guys sets your meals for the week and kind of teach the audience what to be looking for, how to read those labels, where to start because it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning,” said Brazzell.

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