WCC holds pinning ceremony for graduating nurses


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Wallace Community College held a pinning ceremony for its spring and summer graduating nurses at the Dothan Civic Center.

“This has been a great day we been able to see potentially 64 new people to go out into the workforce to serve us as registered nurses,” said Kathy Buntin, an Associate Dean of Health Sciences.

During the hour-long ceremony, the nursing students sat anxiously and patiently in there socially distanced seats wearing facial coverings. A short speech regarding the pandemic was presented to the students by the faculty of the nursing program. They also commended the students for finding a way to battle through challenges during their semester as it was unusual.

Afterward, the nursing students were called up by class to receive their pins before the candle lighting which concluded the ceremony.

One newly graduated nurse says she’s relieved to come out on top of the setbacks she’s experienced this year.

“We’re so relieved to be graduating we had to do some transitioning this semester during the pandemic to make all of it work. We did a little bit of online and then we were able to go back to campus but it was a long two years but we got through it. We’re just excited that we got here and we can go into the nursing profession now,” Jessica Beard said.

Beard says it’s going to be different entering into a pandemic but the local hospitals have been enforcing precautions and preparing her for the workforce.

“I think we’ll be prepared and know how to use those precautions since we already been using those precautions and we’re gonna go in. We’re here to help people so we know being apart of this pandemic means we have to do a little extra but we’re ready to do that,” Beard said.

Registered Nurse Jessica Beard had nothing but good things to say about the Wallace nursing program doing their part in preparing her and other nurses for the workforce even amid a crisis.

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