Wayne Farms Receive Tax Incentive


Mayor Mike Schmitz along with the city of Dothan agreed to give Wayne Farms a 20 year tax abatement for future expansion. Most abatement are for ten years but because of the large scale project a 20 year abatement was agreed upon for the business. 

“Anytime we can help a business expand like that…they have invested over a hundred million dollars in our city they have over a thousand employees were proud to help them,” Mayor of Dothan Mike Schmitz said. 

The future project will cost around 23 million dollars and along with Wayne Farms giving money back to the city, Dothan will also have a part in the building process. 

“With their hundred million dollars of investment they used a lot of local contractors and a lot of local business people,” Schmitz said. 

Mayor Schmitz says this abatement will not allow future taxes on land which Wayne Farms will not be responsible for paying. 

“We just wanted to show them were grateful they came to Dothan,” Schmitz said

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