Virginia fugitive captured in Daleville, charged with child pornography, violating parole


“U.S. Marshals came by and told us they were looking for someone in our area. They went and effected arrest,” said Daleville Police Chief Harvey Mathis.

A fugitive from Virginia made his way to Daleville, before authorities found him August 19, 2016, at a home on Lookout Drive. There they arrested Carless Ray Anderson, 43, who had outstanding warrants in Montgomery County, Virginia for at least five counts of child pornography.

“Glad that we can work together as a team to get these people out of our neighborhood. He was residing with a 10-year-old girl that was not related to him,” said Mathis.

He said Anderson was unemployed and living with the girl, her mother and grandmother. The child’s case was also referred to the Department of Human Resources.

“We’re conducting our own investigation, and in the process, where he was residing at, we seized three dogs in there that were being maltreated,” Mathis said.

Authorities found three flee-ridden puppies, one stuffed in a guinea pig cage. The owners now face animal cruelty charges, and the dogs are being treated at an animal shelter, according to Mathis, adding investigators retrieved other materials and electronic devices possibly containing child pornography.

“I don’t now him personally, I don’t know what his attitude was, or how she met him, but I know that he was not supposed to be here,” said Mathis, indicating Anderson is someone who posed a danger to the public. “People who want to violate or hurt children are not welcome in Daleville.”

Anderson is expected to face additional pornography charges. As of August 24, 2016, he was in custody at the Dale County Jail awaiting extradition to Virginia.

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