Vice President of Love in Action Ministries named Remarkable Women finalist


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — While you might know about a local ministry called Love in Action International Ministries, it’s the woman behind the organization that many people call remarkable.

“Meeting their physical needs, that opens the door for you to minister to other needs in their lives,” Remarkable Women Finalist Martha Tuck said.

Nine times out of ten, if you’re looking for Martha Tuck, you will find her serving at Love in Action.

“Martha just day in and day out is showing the love of Christ to people and giving them hope,” Martha’s husband Ken tuck explained. “Hope that God loves them, hope that there’s somebody else (who) loves them and hope that there’s a better life.”

Visiting Wiregrass motels, tent cities, and people living on the street is often not a glamorous job. It’s also one that doesn’t always receive recognition.

“A lot of times she’s in the background because I’m usually in front of everybody, but without Martha, this ministry wouldn’t be here,” Ken said.

Finding people who have been personally impacted by Martha isn’t difficult.

“Mrs. Martha helps everybody,” said Latasha Williams, an individual who has been helped by Martha. “She’s super. She helps in more ways than one. Sometimes if people don’t have their money, she’ll pay their room for them. That’s a big deal to have someone in your corner when you’re used to not having anybody.”

Martha’s service doesn’t stop at the Wiregrass. It also spreads around the world.

“Over in the country of Myanmar in southeast China, there’s even a little girl who’s named after Martha,” Ken explained. “When the baby was being born, the parents said can we name her after Martha. And it’s because they just fell in love with her.”

Serving and loving those who need it the most. According to Martha, it is for a greater purpose.

“Whatever it takes to show them that they are loved, they are valued, and that they need Jesus in their lives,” Martha said. “Jesus has made an impact on my life and I just want to share Him with others.”

And at the end of every day, Martha says she will continue spreading that love.

“They are loved, they are valued, where the world has shunned them or maybe their own family has shunned them,” Martha said. “But God has not.”

And it’s because of Martha’s mindset, determination, and love for those around her that makes her a remarkable woman.

One woman will be named the Wiregrass area’s woman of the year and win a trip to New York City to attend the Mel Robbins show. From the more than 100 local winners, one woman will be selected and named Nexstar Media Group’s Woman of the Year.

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