Vets warn about heat illnesses in pets


As the heat index continues to rise in the wiregrass, your furry friends may become more susceptible to heat related illnesses.

With the summer heat rising, more pets are seen for heat related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke, from being outside for too long or not taking cooling breaks.

Veterinarian Brad Harris explained which pets are more at risk.

“The bigger risk, probably, comes with indoor pets, pets who spend the majority of their time inside.” Dr. Brad Harris said. “Then they can go outside. They’re not used to the change in the humidity and the temperature and they’re at a much greater risk.”

If your pet seems over heated, don’t rush them to the animal emergency room just yet.

Doctor Harris also explained how pet parents can take certain precautions or help their pets after their outside time before bringing them to the animal hospital.

“Get into a cooler temperature, a cooler environment.” Harris said. “A water bath can often help. Not an ice water bath, just normal temperature, room temperature water coming out of your faucet just to begin, to start the cooling process.”

Dr. Harris finished by stating never leave your pet in a car, even if it is on.

It is not worth the loss of your family furry friend.

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