Florida hurricane survivors struggle to reconnect with family and friends

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SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WIAT) — Hurricane survivors are still having trouble reuniting with family and friends due to a number of different obstacles.

Between lack of cell phone service and downed power lines and trees, neighbors continue to run into difficulties. At the Housing Authority of Springfield, Stacey Cyrus said she cannot access her home by road.

“No one can get in,” Cyrus said.

Cyrus feels trapped in her own neighborhood. She and her son Maliik hunkered down during the storm while the 13-year-old’s father was miles away taking shelter in Lynn Haven. 

“The windows came flying open, I had to hold the window up until all of this ceased,” Cyrus said.

Without a cell phone signal, loved ones feared for the son’s father, Solomon Nelson. 

While talking with CBS 42, Nelson showed up to see his son. He had been unable to get to the home due to the damage. 

“That was killing me because I didn’t know if they were all right or nothing, but thank God they’re alive, that’s all that matters,” Nelson said.

Cyrus was able to use a reporter’s phone to reach family back in New York. As crews work on all hurdles, victims can only hope to reconnect in the days ahead. 

“Some of our neighbors, we became close, we never really talked but this brought us together,
 Cyrus said.

There is still no word on when cell phone service will be restored to all providers in the area. 

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