UPDATE: Ulysses Wilkerson


A photo of 17-year-old Ulysses Wilkerson with a bloody and swollen face went viral  after an encounter with Troy Police Department.

When we first brought you the story, we had not heard from Troy Police at that point. Today we can confirm that the charges against Wilkerson were not dropped as we were told by his father.

The charges are Obstructing Governmental Operations and Resisting Arrest, both misdemeanors.

The post has led to outrage across the nation, but Chet in Dothan offers us some perspective and his opinion on the case. 

“You see that guys face and obviously your first thought is ‘oh he deserved it he was running’ or your first thought is ‘oh that cop deserves to be fired he deserves to be convicted’ the truth is is we really don’t know because we don’t know what happened,” said Chet Sowell.

Troy Police Chief Randall Barr handed the investigation over to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. The completed investigation will be turned over to Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson to be presented to a grand jury.

A rally is being held December 30 in Troy at 11 a.m. by Wilkerson’s family across from the Troy Police station.

They are protesting for answers and for the dash and body camera footage to be released. 

“I just want everyone to come together and get justice for my baby you know ,” Ulysses Wilkerson Jr. , father of Ulysses Wilkerson.

We’ll continue to follow this story as more developments are released.

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