UPDATE: Suspect in Marriott Fairfield shooting turns himself in

SWAT Team making entry

UPDATE (8:40 PM):

Tyshawn William Fearrington has turned himself into the Dothan Police Department.

UPDATE (2:18 PM):

The Dothan Police Department has released the name and description of the man they believe shot a woman at the Marriott Fairfield Inn.

Police are looking for 32-year-old Tyshawn William Fearrington. Fearrington is described as a black man possibly traveling in a 2010 gold Buick LaCrosse.

Fearrington might be in Dothan but is said to have strong ties to the regions around Blakely, Georgia, and Atlanta.

He is presumed to be armed and dangerous.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Loud bangs could be heard hundreds of yards away from Dothan’s Marriott Fairfield Inn early Sunday morning as the Dothan Police Department SWAT Team knocked a hotel room door in, setting off flash bangs in the process.  

At around 2:20 AM Sunday morning a woman, injured and bleeding badly, made her way into the lobby of the hotel in need of help. A 911 call was placed at that time and Dothan Police were dispatched to the hotel at 2:23 AM.

The hotel is located directly behind the Applebee’s restaurant on the west side of Ross Clark Circle.

Originally, it was believed the injuries were moderate to the victim, but the call was upgraded a short time later as it was discovered she had been shot. 

The shooter, who is still at large as of 6:00 AM Sunday morning, has been identified by DPD. Chief Steve Parrish told WDHN News that police will be withholding the shooter’s name at this time until he is located.

“The individual we are looking for, we believed, was still in the room,” Chief Parrish said. “The vehicle they occupied was still here. We believed we had a barricaded suspect.”

Multiple flash bangs could be heard at 4:23 AM, just under four minutes after the SWAT Team made entry into the building. The hotel room is located on the third floor of the structure, and SWAT had to climb six flights of stairs, two per floor, to the top floor hallway.

DPD maintained radio silence during this entry process.

Four more lengthy minutes passed and more gunshot type sounds could be heard from outside the building. Those, too, were flash bang devices set off in the hotel room by the SWAT Team. A quick flash of light could be seen with each audible sound. 

At 4:31 AM, a Dothan Fire Department truck that had been staging nearby for hours was requested at the entrance of the hotel. This indicated that the search inside had ended.

The fire alarm was used to wake guests once it was believed the suspect was still in the building. Guests in the hotel then gathered in the lobby area for hours. Many of the guests applauded the SWAT Team upon entering the building. The fire alarm was shut off until smoke from the flash bang devices set it off continuously for a much longer period.

Firefighters worked to clear the smoke as dozens of hotel guests headed for the exits in search of sleep elsewhere. 

In the above photographs, the smoky hotel room showed the shooter was watching The Weather Channel at some point before the violence began. There was also a half gallon of ice cream on the desk in the room and an opened beer bottle on a table near the doorway.

The victim was shot in the hallway just outside of the door of the third-floor room. Two shell casings were laying on the carpeting and a noticeable dent in the metal framing of a door across the hall showed where one of the bullets struck.

As developments occur in the search for the at-large shooter, WDHN will continue to update.

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