Two Montgomery men arrested in Dale County on alleged shoplifting spree


“They definitely went in the store and worked as a team to be able to distract the clerk, you know, while the other one did his business, but they were both in the process of taking items out of the store,” said Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson.

Olson said the suspects, Jeremy Singleton, 26, and Devonte Holloway, 23, both from Montgomery, heard the clerk making a phone call to law enforcement and fled the store. Officers later found them driving down Highway 231 South and said they were told the two were headed to Panama City, Florida. Authorities said loads of household items taken from the store, and possibly several other businesses, were found in the vehicle.

“We feel like that was not the only store they went into with the amount of items that were taken or recovered from the vehicle. There was quite a bit of stuff recovered,” Olson said.

He also said more crimes are committed during the holiday season, but if shoplifting is on your Christmas to-do list, you may want to mark it off, unless going to jail is part of the plan.

“As hard as times are, there’s a way to make it. People will help people if they will allow them to. Hungry? Need help? There are people and resources available to make that happen,” said Olson. “In this case, I really feel like this was not just them taking these items for their own personal use. I believe they were in the process of selling them on the street.”

A Dollar General district store manager said they were able to recover the stolen items. Olson said no other charges or arrests are expected at this time. Both Singleton and Holloway were released on bond.

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