Truckers undergo full truck and driver inspections


DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Trucks in Alabama have to be inspected by Alabama State Troopers to make sure they meet safety requirements for the road.

On Tuesday, trucks underwent level 1 inspections which is a full in-depth truck inspection.

There are three levels to inspections but for level 1 brakes are checked, wipers are inspected, trucks have a full walk around, driver’s paperwork is checked, and many other things.

“On these air brakes you’ve got rod movement, and they’ll measure rod movement and depending on what type of brake it is, there’s you know different types, and it determines what measurement they’re allowed to move,” Alabama State Trooper Sergeant Michael Simmons said.

If the rods move too much or not enough then they’re considered an out of service brake.

Things like fluid leaks, steering, and brakes under the hood are also being inspected.

One part of inspection is a weigh-in to make sure trucks aren’t overweight, but because of rain that wasn’t done Tuesday.

“We have a computer that we put everything into, and it gives us a total,” Highway Maintenance TMT3 Brian Byrd said. “If he’s overweight, we print that out, give it to the trooper, and he writes them out a citation.”

Trucks that have any issues are required to have it fixed before they can continue their route.

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