Troy University begins fall semester amid coronavirus


TROY, Ala. (WDHN) — Troy University resumed classes Wednesday and school officials told us how they were taking precautions to keep them safe.

Dean of Student Services, Herbert Reeves told us how students will be seeing a different classroom environment.

“Less desks, less students uh classrooms being dispersed in rooms that otherwise they many not normally be in, several situations where we have I would refer to them as hybrid type classes where they may be in a classroom one day of the week and the other two days of the week they’re online with the instructor,” Reeves said.

School officials have spent several hours monitoring COVID cases, reconstructing classrooms, and making sure students, faculty, and staff are safe.

Incoming freshman Mary Gulledte says the first day has been completely different, with it being her first college experience. But, she’s confident university leaders are putting students’ health as their number one priority.

“I feel like they are trying to do their best, to give us the best experience,” said Gulledte. “As far as today they’re separating us in the classroom and trying to make it safe as possible,” Gulledte said.

On Tuesday, school officials announced a positive COVID-19 case in a student living in a dorm. That student and others who came in contact with that person are now in quarantine off campus.

Some students who are nearing the end of their time at Troy, are just ready to graduate healthy, despite an ongoing pandemic.

“Yes I truly believe that they’re doing the best they can, I know outside Smith Hall they have somebody actually like regulating where people sit and actually talking to them about the whole situation about COVID,” said graduating senior, Jaquon Sinclair.

In addition, officials are giving away customized Trojan masks to all.

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