Troy University advising students to be cautious over holiday break


TROY, Ala. (WDHN) — Troy University is sending letters to all of their students, encouraging them to continue to follow guidelines that were introduced back in March and April as they go home for the holiday season.

Things like social distancing, washing hands, and more.

“Try to stay out of large group gatherings,” said, Troy University Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Lance Tatum. “We want them to go away for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. We want them to decompress, to enjoy themselves. But we want them to be healthy and come back in the spring and join us back in January.”

Some Troy students said they plan on staying safe and doing similar to what Tatum said.

“I plan on doing what I would do here at campus,” Troy SGA President Nicole Jayjohn said. “Just making sure that I’m being considerate of other people around me. Making sure I’m following CDC guidelines. Maintaining those same health procedures that we have been maintaining on campus so that nothing really changes. You know we wear our masks here we wear them when I go back home.”

Another student agreed with Jayjohn.

“I feel like if all students including myself if we keep those practices while we’re at home,” Troy student Makayla Cameron said. “Once it’s time for the spring semester to start, we all will still be Troy strong and safe.”

To prepare for students coming back, the university is taking the same steps they took back in July and August.

“We’ve adjusted our schedule so that we’re not offering classes that have large number of students in a classroom,” Tatum said. “Where we need to socially distance we’re making those arrangements.”

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