Trooper shortages not helping in fight to stop fatal traffic crashes


308 people have died on Alabama road-ways this year alone and that number is continuing to grow. A number that is not growing is the number of state troopers protecting drivers.

Fatal accidents are on the rise, Alabama has seen eighty more deadly accidents this year than this time in 2015.

Trooper Kevin Cook with Alabama Law enforcement Agency says a lack of troopers could be part of the reason, “One thing that is attributed to that is the fact that there are less troopers on the roads. It is a proven fact, you know as well as I do the more visibility of law enforcement the more you will obey the laws.”

When it comes to trooper visibility Alabama is the lowest in the tri-states area, Florida has 1813 troopers, Georgia has 785 and Alabama has just 259 troopers patrolling its roads.

For Alabamians this means there is one state trooper for every 19,306 drivers on the road. Trooper Cook says this absolutely creates a dangerous situation, ”There are alot of days where there may be a trooper out in one county but they are responsible for a nine other counties. That is a very common thing.”

With the end of the trooper shortage nowhere in sight there are things drivers can do to create safer roadways. “We need to be responsible drivers”, says Dothan resident Shawn Collier, “I think we need to realize we are responsible for other people”. Another local said, “A lot of accidents wouldn’t happen if people wore their seat belts”

Those tips are exactly right, Cook says to buckle your seat belt, put away your phone, and watch your speed each time you get behind the wheel.

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