Town of Gordon could face ceasing to exist if election results not certified


GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — A special council meeting was called Monday night with the hopes of certifying the August municipal election results for the town of Gordon. However, for the fifth time in a row, not enough city council members were present to certify the results.

Just as soon as the council meeting started, Contested Town Mayor, Shana Ray made the motion to adjourn the meeting.

“Unfortunately, citizens, I must advise you all that we do not have a quorum so therefore I have no other choice but to make the motion adjourn,” said Ray.

“There was an election held back in August for the position of mayor and two of the council members, the town has yet to certify those election results,” said Clifford Jarrett, Town Attorney for the town of Gordon.

For the past two months, the town of Gordon has been without certified election results for the mayoral race, leaving the town citizens unhappy, confused, and angry.

“Some of the members of the town council are claiming that they have already voted and certified the results of the election and the town clerk has failed to file them at the appropriate office,” said Jarrett. “Other members of the council and the Mayor are saying that the meeting that was done at was not held legally so, therefore, the election results have not been certified.”

According to Ray, something suspicious did go on during the elections, and there is an active investigation underway. She says once the results are certified she plans to be the one to contest the results.

“In the meantime, the league of municipality contacted me today and they advised me what I needed to do, perhaps If this meeting does not, did not take place so I’m going to follow the steps that the league of municipalities have advised me to do,” said Ray.

For now, the town of Gordon remains without a local government in place.

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